Saké - Double Bay Good Food Week
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Sydney’s exclusive Eastern Suburbs has just seen its style stakes step up a notch, with the welcomed addition of the second Saké Sydney Japanese restaurant – Saké Double Bay.


Housed under the recently renovated InterContinental Double Bay, this venue has a distinctive flair that oozes style and radiates cool.


Revel in the bespoke Double Bay menu, featuring some of Sydney’s favourite dishes in a unique and vibrant setting.


Take part in an exclusive Saki & Sashimi Masterclass


On the menu

Snapper & scallop sashimi* amabuki daiginjo

Ikura & tuna sashimi* kozaemon honjozo yamahai

Snapper & salmon sashimi*

Salmon nigirikirinzan junmai daiginjo

Salmon & tuna sashimi* raw scampi nigirikozaemon bizen omachi junmai ginjo

Scallop sashimi* & unagi nigiriamabuki junmai ginjo ‘strawberry’ omachi ichigo

Ikura sashimi*

Tuna aburi & wagyu nigirihonjozo yamahai

Sake & Sashimi Masterclass – Wednesday, 11 May 6:30pm

Six courses with matching Sakes.

Bookings essential: $95 per person / 8017 3104

*Sashimi is subject to change depending on availability and freshness.

Lunch Offer : 10 – 13 May

Bento box with glass of sake $38.00 per perosn

Sashimi* | steamed rice | miso | house salad

Your choice of: lamb chops, vegetable & prawn tempura, U8 king prawn robata